In 1977 at Las Piedras city, departament of Canelones, Uruguay, AGROREGIONAL SRL was established, as a family company directed by the contemporary owner, Daniel Moreno.

It was a very modest beginning into the agrochemicals distribution business in the intensive crops production area of the Southern country region. Since this time, we have carried on with this profile and based on a hard work we have developed the company we know today.

The agrochemical distribution in the local market was based on high quality products, mainly with the first level brands from the multinational companies established in our country. We have worked together with these companies following accorded strategy actions to develop the business in our local market.

Step by step, we have incorporated our own products lines representing foreign companies, beginning on vegetal nutrition area (foliar fertilizers).

Now in this area we have the representation of Alba Milagro SpA from Italy, Agrichem of Brazil, Disnel from Spain, Green Has Italia (Italy) and have business relation also with Omnia from SouthAfrica, Fluid Fert, Uralchem of Russia and Wentong from China.

Other item we have incorporated was the soil substrates of Sphagnum peat moss, from Novarbo Oy , Finland. We have also built our own supply line for phytosanitary agrochemicals from foreign countries, mainly integrated with big companies discontinued molecules (still needed in our country growing conditions)

We have choosed first class companies like Taminco from Belgium, Gowan Co. from USA, Hockley Int. from UK, DREXEL from USA, ISAGRO from Italy, SALDECO from Perú, Chemia SPA from Italy, Mebrom from Belgium, Mánica from Italia, Hansen & Rosenthal KG, from Germany, UPL from India,  DVA from Germany, FMC from USA, Chemtura also from USA, Síntesis Química from Argentina and also, after many years we have incorporated very well known suppliers from China, like Iprochem, Sanonda, Sinochem, Shanghai E-Tong and Yongnong,

In 1993 we have began with a new company named Agroveterinaria Avenida (COLORFLEX S.A.) located in the North area of Uruguay, at Salto city. Daniel Moreno share the 50 % part of this company.

Agroveterinaria Avenida sells our products line at this North location, allowing in this way to have a good market position in the intensive crops area. In 2004 began the present company, DM Agro (FINONSUR S.A.), with a different legal structure more adapted to the current operating conditions.

At the present DM Agro does all the commercial activity. In spite of this, and due to the faultless career, it was considered to keep AGROREGIONAL SRL operative and owning the registration certifies from the Ministry of Agriculture of Uruguay.

Since 2005, we have been designed as exclusive distributor for Bayer Cropscience  for intensive crops. Biological pest control is other new area we have incorporated to our company, with the development of monitoring systems, mate disruption, massive trap, and the use of biological control agents.  We are working close together with SUTERRA LLC from USA, SÜSBIN from Argentina, Andermatt  Biocontrol from Switzerland and BIONATIVA from Chile.

In the post harvest business we supply products from PACE LLC USA/Chile, and by this company we have also recently obtained the distribution for Janssen y Janssen, specialities from Belgica . We also work with Uvas Quality from Chile on grapes post harvest products.

Our main characteristic, through these 37 years has been the continue search for new alternatives to apply in the intensive crops in our country. By this way we have worked with irrigation equipments (Netafim, Eurodrip and Metzerplast), plastics for agriculture,  greenhouses (Asthor from Spain), spray equipment and pruning tools from Sanz Hnos, Spain, Harvest ladders (Strathmore USA), etc

In 2012, we moved to our current facilities located at Wilson Ferreira Aldunate 809, always in Las Piedras city. At this place all the activity is planned, imports, sales, managing and logistic. In 2013 DM Agro bought in full DIKEBELL S.A. the representative for Arysta Lifesciences and other agrochemicals companies. Also, in 2013 DM Agro, is named as distributor for SUMITOMO Chemical mainly for Valent Agrosciences products line on intensive crops. 

We have a small but very efficient team, 15 people in the South and 10 people in the North area of the country. In spite of our slogan was, for many years, “nuestro Norte es el Sur” (our North is the South), today we can say, with great satisfaction, that our North is all the country land. We have our own modern facilities, suitable for agrochemical stock, and we distribute the goods with our own fleet.

About the technical support area, we have an agronomic team, that is involved in the technical advice and in new products development, including field trials, registration proceeds and also market development. We have integrated recently the Asociación Campo Limpio, an agrochemical companies association focused on the properly environmental management for the used packaging waste.

We think innovation is very important for our business, so, we always provide new products and new technology,  to achieve by this way the long term stability and development of our company.